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Espana...part II

Alcazar from far
Alcazar-Gardens, lavish, and with water in a central role
Fountains ^_~
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..::Cordoba. City of the Great Mosque::..

Our second stop, Cordoba once is a largest and most cultural city in the Europe and a clear rival to Baghdad and Cairo. Abdurrahman 1 yg turned Cordoba into one of the greatest cities in 756. But after many shifts in ruling dynasties, and was conquered by King Fernando 3 of Castilla in 1236, the new lords neglected Cordoba. Eventhough they turned mosques into churches, little was done to destroy the heritage of Muslim art. That was good la sbb kita dpt tgk warisan org seagama dgn kita kn

Examples of the Muslim inheritance yg kita bole tgk kt Cordoba is the old Ummawiyy castle, Alcazar which served as the headquarters of the catholic kings during the Reconquesta. There is also The Great Mosque (Mezquita) which is the centre of Cordoba and now dh jd museum kt Cordoba. Abdurrahman 1 jugak yg build and incorporated Roman architectural traditions, made use of columns from older building around, and added the Muslim sentiment of the abstract and the limitless room. Lawa sgt this masterpiece yg later after that being spoilt by a Christian cathedral in 1523.

Enjoy the pics..

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Espana...first trip out of UK..^_^

first day in Seville..oohh..muke sgt br bgn tdo..
Holding hands with kak nadia..^_^
The cathedral of Seville
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This was my first trip out of UK. For the very first time i went to Spain with seniors and friends (all girls.. ade kak azilah, kak izi, kak nadia, kak azrin, mai n not to forget, myself). We had a great time jln2 in Seville, Cordoba n Granada. Jln2 dgn seniors n friends such as kak azilah, kak izi n others best sgt sbb diorg ni byk knowledge psl history of Spain that we Muslims should knw.

The most attractive places in Seville is the Cathedral of Seville (Catedral de Sevilla) which is an expression in stone of post-Reconquest confidence and wealth. It was built on the site of the Almohad MOSQUE... . It is the third largest church in Europe and the largest Gothic building in Europe with the largest altarpiece in the world.. And here are the pictures taken in Seville (1st Feb 2007) that i can share with u guys...


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